P6TD Deluxe + Megahalems + Coolermaster HAF932 Question

Hello people, first of all I need to say that I will moderately o.c. my system (maybe 4ghz) and will have several hot components inside it. So airflow inside the case is a must for me.

I have a simple problem. Can't decide on how to position my megahalems for efficient cooling. My HAF932 Has fans everywhere so cooling the components is not a problem, BUT, if I position my megahalems and thus the fan facing the rear, I get better exhaust of the cpu generated hot air. Then I face the problem of not facing the Megahalems and the fan towards the P6TD Deluxe passive cooling canals on the chipset to use the MB cooling solution efficiently.

What would you recommend? Face the Megahalems and fan towards the chipset cooling asus xtreme design airflow channels OR the rear case system exhaust fans?

I am kind of stuck with this problem in my mind :P Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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  1. The preferred orientation is blowing back towards the exhaust fan.
  2. Thank you, I'll keep this in mind.
  3. The traditional configuration is to have the cpu heatsink fan(s) blowing air toward the exhaust fan on the rear panel. However, there might be individual circumstances that dictate otherwise. The only way to determine which configuration works best for you is to test both configurations.
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