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Hi everyone,
I have an asus p5n32-e sli plus mobo with 4 1GB sticks of Corsair XMS2 ram. For some reason my computer will not run stable with all four sticks running at 800mhz even if they are at default timings!!! I do not understand, but as soon as i set the speed to 667mhz it runs just fine. I originally built the machine with only two 1gb sticks which ran perfect at 800mhz for about 6 months. I just bought two more sticks of the same exact ram and now it will not run stable if it boots at all at 800mhz!!??? I did not buy 2 more GB of ram to run my machine at a slower mhz.... what to do? PLEASE HELP!!!
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  1. 1) It's not the same, exact RAM even if the model number is the same, because the RAM manufacturers change their products very often, sometimes weekly.
    1.5) What model number is each of your RAM sticks? What are the spec voltage and speed rating and memory timings for each one?
    2) Is any of your RAM factory overclocked? That is, do any of the 4 DIMMs have voltage specs higher than 1.9V? If so, go into your BIOS and set the RAM voltage (maybe called DIMM voltage) to the highest voltage spec of any of your 4 DIMMs. Save your BIOS changes and reboot.
  2. The problem is the motherboard won't handle it, it's not the ram. The NV 680i chipsets are picky. That's why I did away with my P5N32E-sli from asus and went with a P45 motherboard.
  3. Sorry, didn't realize that MB had a 680i! Yes, the 680i chipsets are notorious for all kinds of problems.
  4. i would say the memory controller is struggling with the 4 sticks of RAM. it is fairly well known that some of the Nvidia based boards have weak controllers so even if it did work, it probably wouldn't last long.
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