Nvidia grasping at straws? Bribing bloggers to spread rumors?

Source: http://rumorfeed.blogspot.com/2008/10/ati-caught-cheating-nvidia-is-actually.html

Long story short - Nvidia is accusing ATI of cheating in Far Cry 2 by not rendering everything properly, causing ATI to get better performance. ATI patches this bug and still has better performance, but Nvidia is now hiring bloggers and posters to spread false information about their competition.

What do you guys think of this? Would you do this if you owned Nvidia?
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  1. I don't kno how true this is all together, Nvidia out performs Ati in far cry 2 LOL...


    there are many more that show the same situation:P

    :S I've never even heard of this blog.

    thats my 2 cents

  2. Source: http://www.pcgameshardware.com/aid,663817/Reviews/Far_Cry_2_GPU_and_CPU_benchmarks/?page=3

    I can confirm the same results. Swapping out my 260 for my buddies 4870 I am getting higher FPS.

    There are also many other sites that show that 4870 < 260.
    The 4850 < 88 and 9800.

    The 4870X2 is slower than the GTX 280, which is good because my 280 cost about $200 more than my friends 4870X2... I also fear that with further patches the X2 will overtake the 280 once all the optimizations are in place.
  3. Muahahahahah.

    Nvidia saying that makes me cry from LOLs :D

    Nvidia are the ones that cheat most of the times. And the last time I remember was not rendering water reflection correctly in Crysis :P

    I feel sorry for them, they look so stupid in my eyes now
  4. see stuff like that just ruins respect lol

    I don't kno why Websites reviews don't match thos ppl are getting...I mean these sites are some of the most widely used and respected. Anandtech should've made some FC 2 benchmarks 2

    Remember far Cry 2 was programed on Nvidia hardware. It will yield better results on Nvidia most of the time.

    @ rawsteel

    Nvidia looks stupid? explain? They are selling revisions for 100$ more than the fisrt 1s and ppl are buying them? thats dumb??? Its business:)

    The time I remember Nvidia cheated was for 3Dmarks. Didn't hear anything for Crysis.

    Ati is holding the market right now though, we should see a shift in prices for both companies.

    @ tehlexinator

    Ofc you'll see sites doing that, video cards are also dependant on the way games are programed, not just raw power. so you can see a 8800 GT out perform the 4850 in games like Crysis once in a while.

    ppl already kno to ignore that, and follow Price/Performance or just go for the game(s) they like playing most.
  5. Actually Anandtech forums are alive with this "Nvidia is great, ATI is cheating" crap.
    Source: http://forums.anandtech.com/messageview.aspx?catid=31&threadid=2241129

    According to this, ATI is cheating and people should buy Nvidia... Of course if you read it carefully, you can see that the poster gets free Nvidia items for writing crap like this.

    Yeeesh. This is really driving me nuts.
  6. Nice this will definetly start a fanboi war especialy of mixed feelings. i hope that Nvidia will come out on top again and we know they will.
  7. It prob start a war, but Nvidia won't win at this point, and if they do, they need to haul ass. They are behind @ the moment for technology point, they need to release the 55 nm processors with DX 10.1 or 11, and at the same time make sure prices stay to the consumer's liking.

    Or reduce current prices, and win back the shares of the market they lost.
  8. If Nvidia was on it's toes a year or 2 ago, it could've drove ATI out of picture if they switched to Intel chipsets, or stayed 1 step ahead of ATI. Ati gained alot of terrain, but we still need to wait and see if everything wasn't done in vein. Bankruptcy would destroy the market for the consumer....prices would be out of wack
  9. Probably some ati fanboy wrote it, both companies looking strong. Props to ati for making a huge comeback.
  10. Actually forget nV driving ATi out or vice versa, imagine what would've happened if 2 years ago intel bought ATi like originally postulated, and AMD & nV joined forces. To me that would've been great, creating a 2 pronged competition where I think we would've had slightly healthier AMD, ATi and nV, and intel being the 800 pound "what I have competitors?' Gorilla as always.

    Anywhoo this will always continue, but it is funny that this is like one of about 3 ATi issues (Quack, SS:SE Catalyst AI introduction, 3Dmark shader re-order and this); compared to however many nV ones including the original FartCry and Crysis floptimizations and then the whole 3Dmark fiasco. Even Quack was a shader optimization that was rolled into the next driver.

    It just made me laugh that we have the return of the FartCry, since it was like only me who ever used it, it's like someone was trying to bury the original by creating a version 2 for ATi.

    Here's the original FartCry kinda similar situation although it's not a glitch but a not applied feature, and with a very different reaction by nV at the time (came out around the time the shimmering AF started too);
  11. TheGreatGrapeApe said:

    Here's the original FartCry kinda similar situation although it's not a glitch but a not applied feature, and with a very different reaction by nV at the time (came out around the time the shimmering AF started too);

    Thanks. That was a good read. Now I think this is all some kind of conspiracy and we will all be hunted down and terminated!
  12. thats whats so interesting about DX11 it is supposed to stop all this shenanigans. i know they said that about DX10 but this time its looking good that and the use of multi core processors for cuda and ati's cal or is it brook
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