E5200 temps - will retention bracket help?

I've been having issues with my E5200 temps slowly rising for no apparent reason. With TJmax set at 100* I am idling at 43 on average and load gets up near 70* with p95. A week or two ago it was in the 37/38 range. I am using a Xigmatek HDT-S963 model, and I am considering either a) upgrading to the S1283 model or something better since I have trouble with this one, or b) purchasing the retention bracket for $9. Which would be more effective?

I don't know how much better a 120mm is versus a 92mm and I really hate wasting money. And, I will only buy the bracket if it will actually decrease my temperatures... most reviews I've read have people using it on the much heaver 120mm model so I don't know how it will work here.

This is so annoying. CPU was stable forever and is currently at 3.1ghz 1.168v and 12.5x multiplier. Seems normal to me... didn't really push it hardly at all.
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  1. did you build your computer to run prime 95 all day? looking for next prime?

    or did you build it too use it for gaming. im and stuff like that?

    70c is fine, it is higher then i like to see but it is fine for prime

    buy a better cooler!

    case, fans, fans speed, pressure pos or neg, direction of flow, type of psu fan and location, number of gpu's and hdd, ram covering the fan - many many factors
  2. reinstall the hsf with more compound those require alot of compound - if you used artic let is settle

    70c is high for that cooler and your cpu at 3.8ghz at 3.1ghz it is not touching all the way. pull it off and look at it - is the compound on both sides - if you see some shiny hsf area you need more

    take it all off and use fresh

    mx-2 can delaminate - this means it will break away and form a small air barrier. this only happens if you hit it hard or loosen it after it dries - it dries fast

    artic will not - i use artic for that reason
  3. A HSF with a retention bracket is better because it holds the HSF to the CPU more securely. I suggest getting one because it will not lossen or fall off like the standard plug type can.
  4. no

    does not matter

    some first gens do not have enough pressurre - i use xig they work great with push pins.

    the only issue with push pins is shipping sometimes if the box gets banged around they can pop - but it may be they where no full expaned or locked.

    read this it may help

  5. You have to double install it:

    1) install the cooler with more compound then normal - run it while and remove it. run it hot - at full load to force the compound into the heat pipe cracks

    the xig has exposed heat pipes and you need the TC to wet/flow and fill the cracks.

    remove it and lightly wipe off the compound off the cooler and cpu- you do not want to remove it from the cracks from the hsf. you want to prep the surface for the surface layer like a normal hsf.

    reapply layer 1 to the cpu, you should use a double bb - spread it from the center even to all edges. You want to trowl it like cement even - like a sidewalk!

    reapply a small amout to the center and spread half way to the edges work it too the edges more in the center is good!

    you now have compound completely on the entire cpu, you have it mound ed slightly in the center

    this pushes air out and your sure to fill all surface junctions - excess will flow out. use arctic silver with this hs you need the flow and long term elasticity.

    edit: i do not double install i install it once with lots and lots of compound pull it offf and check it. keep in mind 95% of the systems we build are built and burned in on the desk top - see the photo where i was playing around while i watched tv!
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