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I purchased a http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814131066 ... It is a Powercolor Radeon HD 2600XT with 512mb of dedicated memory. People have reported it displaying 1GB of memory on the card instead of 512mb so I did some research. It appears the card uses Hypermemory even though it is not a low end card.

* Does Hypermemory actually "take" your system memory like shared memory? For example. If I have 4GB of DDR2 memory in my computer, will it display 3.5GB in system properties under windows?

* Or, does it just use my memory when needed like other high end graphics cards with dedicated memory.
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  1. HyperMemory is ATI Technologies' method of using the motherboard's main system RAM as part of or all of the video card's framebuffer memory on their line of Radeon video cards and motherboard chipsets. It relies on new fast data transfer mechanisms within PCI Express.

    Sorry, your link does not work.
  2. I know the generic description for hypermemory... I've done a lot of research but none of it details whether it reduces the physical system memory that is displayed under the Microsoft Windows system properties.

    try this...

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