Budget card and full coverage water block solution?

Hi guys - having a hard time finding a new card. I am thinking along the lines of a 9800GT or HD4850, but I am not 100% that blocks will fit these cards. Can anyone recommend a known good combo?

I know these are not top of the line cards, but I am fairly new to gaming/OC'ing/WC'ing and just want a simple solution that works without spending too much (would like to spend $100-$125 on the card). One of my goals is silence with this build - not even sure I'll OC the card - I just don't want any fan noise.
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  1. Do you have a watercooling loop already set up?

    If not, a decent one will cost about $300. I would suggest spending more on the card and less on a cooler. If silence is what you are seeking, i would go for a quiet air cooler. Maybe something like this.


    Or if you would rather spend a bit more money on your card, then i would buy this:

    Its a 4890 and the cooler on it is extremely quiet. Its also a great deal for a 4890.

    If thats still a bit to loud for you you can always add sound dampening to the inside of your case:
  2. Thanks for the suggestions.

    I already have a loop setup, but am looking to move to a full coverage block for the video card - currently running a GTS250 with a MCW60 GPU block and crappy stick on heatsinks (MC14's and MC21's). The memory still gets too warm for my comfort, and I'm not 100% the heatsinks will stay put over time (actually pretty sure they won't).
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