My computer lost all icons windows xp

Hello,I cleaned my laptop with bitdefender then I switched it off with the power button because it froze;but when I started up again ,I lost all icons and I cannot get access to anything nor log into the internet.
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  1. did you try:

    ctrl+shift+esc>new task>explorer.exe


    right click on desktop>view>show desktop icons

  2. Start in Safe Mode, do you see anything then? Do you have another user account you can logon to? Turning off the computer the way you did could have corrupted your user or even Windows system files.

    You can try to do a Repair setup of Windows if Safe Mode nor another use account helped. Boot off the Windows CD, start the setup, and select Repair when it gets to that part.
  3. If you can get it to boot at all, try doing a system restore to a point before you ran bit defender.
  4. thanks to all of your kind replies ;
    but I brought it to the local Staple store and all it needed was to hold down the F8 key till I can run it in safe mode ,then I restored it to the time before the download of an update from Microsoft (annoying one).
    This solution can help anyone else in my situation ,instead of having to buy another software like MS windows XP or serviced by some stores.
    Charles @ viewmount007.
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