Failed CPU Upgrade (socket 939)

Desperate for an upgrade for my socket 939 system I bought a 4200x2. I have an nforce4 mobo that came out right before they stopped production on the line. I had a 3500 single-core and thought it was a simple swap-&-drop for the x2.

I installed the new cup and the system would not boot up. I got fan activity and nothing else. So I tried the following:

1 - Reinstalled the video card, in case i bumped it
2 - Reinstalled the ram (512mb x 4)
3 - Reinstalled the 3500 .... still would not boot :(
4 - Removed CMOS battery for several hours... still wouldn't boot

I hope this didn't fry my mobo but it sure seems like it. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. cpu's rarely die i am sure it something else

    discount all hardware including hdd and boot it up, take two aspirin and pm me later!

    pull all ram and try 1 stick in 1 slot try another slot the repeat with another stick

    i guess it is hdd or ram

    if you boot it - pump the ram up and run memtest find the bad stick run on 2 until new ones come!
  2. ram voltage - raise the voltage it may boot a bad stick so you can run memtest

    you can get memtest on the desktop

    here is a happy photo:
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately it still would not boot up. I get fan activity (cpu cooler, case fan, video card fan) and that is it.
  4. Edit: I'm an idiot, I didn't notice that it isn't booting with the 3500 anymore.

    Make sure the 4 pin power connector on your motherboard is plugged in. It is possible that you staticed the board and killed it. If you reapplied thermal paste make sure you didn't get any in the socket itself. Check for bent pins on the CPU. Make sure your clear cmos jumper is set in the proper position.
  5. I would love to, but if I can't get anything on-screen, I'm not sure how I can do that.
  6. ryhask said:
    I would love to, but if I can't get anything on-screen, I'm not sure how I can do that.

    Yeah i'm an idiot, read my edit.
  7. Post lag, didn't see yours LOL
  8. defiantly a mobo would die before a cpu unless you had it 1.7v+ or 100c for a while or something like that
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