Motherboard Back Panel Issue

i have P4M800 motherboard and now i want to buy new motherboard asus nforce 610i / 7050 now the problem is the back panel of both motherboard is plz tell me how do i change the back panel cover of my case so that new motherboard can fit properly....i dont wanna change my case plz tell me the method of changing the back panel cover of cpu case. I took picture of my P4M800 back panel case plz check. If possible plz tell me how to change the back cover of this case
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  1. You might be able to break the center weld on the top with a screwdriver or twist it back and forth, and continue twisting off the plate until the bottom section breaks off.
  2. Yes, and your new MB will come with a replacement plate in the box to snap into the opening.
  3. thankyou friends for such a gr8 answer :)...thankyou very much
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