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I'm replacing my old 8600gt with an Asus 4850 "top" card. What steps do I need to follow to make a smooth transition from the Nvidia to the ATI card? I assume I need to remove the Nvidia software, shut down, remove Nvidia card, install ATI card, boot up, and install ATI software. Is that at all correct? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Anybody? I know I'm not the first one to do this.....
  2. before you start, download and install driversweeper.
    With that done, uninstall the Nvidia softwares and reboot BUT in safe mode (hold F8 during boot up) and then run driversweeper to totally remove the garbage the uninstall left behind.
    Shut down and remove the power lead, wait for a few seconds then remove the old card, then.... fit the new one!
    Reconnect the power lead and boot up.
    Download the latest drivers from AMD, sweep for virus infection, install, reboot, have fun.
    BTW, if you`ve installed/removed several drivers in the past on your current Windows install, use driversweeper to clear them out while you`re in safe mode!
  3. PS:
  4. And even as important to make sure you connect the power lead to the new card.
  5. I think that covers it, but one thing still confuses me......

    Do I install the new card before installing any new ATI software? I would have thought it was the other way around, so that the software would know it when the new card is installed so that I can see something on my monitor.

    Anyway, I'll give it a swing this evening (with new g-card and new 22" monitor), and see just how nice Crysis really looks!! Thanks for the help!!
  6. i dont think you can install ati's drivers b4 you install your 4850. its also good to uninstall all nvidia's software not just the drivers itself.
  7. The Card will still work in VGA mode with no drivers.
  8. As HOWARDP6 says, the card will work without the full driver install, it will just look bad.
    ACCU reinforces my post, uninstall ALL Nvidia software, then use driversweeper in safe mode. This is importaint, the uninstall routines from both ATI and Nvidia are well known to leave all sorts of crap behind and clearing it all out is vital for a smooth changeover.
    And yes, MR PEDANTIC STONER133, connect the required power leads!
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