Storage volume problem

I am having trouble re installing windows 7 32 bit. When I start the setup, it says "Windows
could not retrieve information about the disks on this computer." When I go to the drive under device manager, under the volumes tab , it is blank, and when I click populate I get an error message.

any ideas? I want my computer back :cry: :cry:
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  1. What error message do you have?
  2. "Volume information for this disk cannot be found."
  3. Look like a HD without format or with a format that windows don't recognize. The HD options in your BIOS is correct? must be AHCI or IDE.
  4. It is a SATA hard drive, it is recognized in the bios, it is my boot drive, but I need it to be able to read the volume info. At the moment, I NEED to use the windows installer within windows due to some other limitations I have. But otherwise this drive is working fine. I'm not sure if I will be able to cut windows 7 installation down enough to be able to run it from a 1gb flash drive.

    Kinda off topic but: If I cut down Windows 7 iso with Vlite, Will I be able to get back all that stuff using windows update?
  5. Try using hijack this, is a program that recognize spyware process, maybe is the source of your problem.
  6. WOW!!! I was just about to report back and say It is probablya virus, because I have no sound, install service is down, update service is down, Virtual disk service is down (usual source of original problem) and KAPERSKY WONT INSTALL. I'm installing malwarebytes anti malware right now, thanks for the recommendation, I will check it out.
  7. ^Ok, and try yo do all this in safe mode, is the best way. You can use ccleaner and spyboot too, just for sure.
  8. Well MBAM is working without safe mode right now, and I have used it before to get rid of the most stubborn viruses before. Ill just let it run, but it found 5 infections in 10 seconds :o

    Thanks alot

    edit: exactly how bad is trojan.vundo.h ??
    Good thing that is mainly a gaming computer, anything important I do on my ubuntu laptop.
  9. A trojan pretty much means you're screwed IMO. I hope your Ubuntu laptop is much cleaner. :)

    Running an application-level firewall (that blocks any outgoing network I/O) would be a sensible precaution, to protect your windows pc.
  10. Eh I'm trying to nuke it with pretty much every scanner I can get to work. Right now I'm running a Avast! boot scan.
  11. ^Make you sure that your antivirus is updated
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