Question about always have fan on 100% on VGA

Hey guys just wondering if always having my gtx 280 on 100% fan speed a risk for it to die off within a short duration. I need to keep it on 100% for reasonable temperatures.
So Question is how long will it last me if i have my fan on 100% all the time. Likely more than 3 years right?
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  1. What is a reasonable temperature?
  2. I would not run a fan at 100% and expect it to last more than 1.5-2 years, especially if it has sleeve bearings.
  3. Regardless --> the lower the temp the better the performance. I just want to know how long it'll last for if i keep it on 100%
  4. if you must cool your card i suggest you leave your fan at 90%or less 100% will decrease lifespan of fan quickly.
    cant tell you how long it will last. maybe 1 yr or maybe 10yrs who knows.
  5. How exactly does lower heat = better performance other than the scenario that you are overclocking the bageeebus out of it up to the thermal limits?

    If that is the case then realize if your fan fails your card will crash and burn faster than a McCain jet. If you are taking the stock fans to such a limit, a 3rd party cooler with a 120mm fan may better suit your needs...or even water cooling if you are so inclined.

    Anyway...IMO I wouldn't rely too much on my crappy stock fan if I was running it at 100% 100% of the time. But, keep it at that and then post back so we all know how long they last ;)
  6. Fans may be made differently now, but my old Geforce FX5500 (don't laugh :) ) fan has been running 100% for over 4 years now, no problems. As long as no dust gets to the fans internals, it should last for years.
  7. new fan costs (way) less than 5$. dont worry about hurting it
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