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my CDrom Matshita UJ 850S installed in a HP pavilion dv6000, it was working till my system crushed and I reintalled from scratch the OS, now I can see movies and listen to music played on the cdrom, but all the copies of programs that I had made on cds can not be open by the cdrom it shows cd empty, also if I go to CMD (command prompt) and try to see the drive there it does not showa, looks like it is not mounted by the system to work in DOS.

Now I allready try the upper filter and lower filter and still not been able to read my copies had made.

Does any body has a sugestion in the matter?

I can not fine the drivers any where to re install them, and microsoft they do not help neither HP.

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  1. Just to be clear OP, could you list the drivers you've installed after you reformatted and reinstalled the OS?
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