All Set! Just Need Final Opinions

Alright, got a nice big bonus on my last paycheck, it's computer time!

I've already got an Antec 650W PSU, Sony 20x DVD Burner, a SoundBlaster Xtreme Gamer, Logitech Z5500 speakers, a good mouse, keyboard, and monitor, and I modded my case a bit to slide in a cooling fan to blow over my video card. Here is the setup I am going with

If anyone can offer anything better so long as its in the 900 price range, or has any horror stories to share, lemme know before Thursday or Friday when I make my purchase. Thanks
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  1. I'd say drop that 4870 and go for 4850 CF. The P45 board you chose and your PSU can handle it. I'd go for a Mushkin ram , it's really overclockable.

    What I'd like to know is what resolution is your monitor running at? If it's 1920*1200, the CF is great. If it's 1680*1050, then I'd say just get one 4850.
  2. I'm dead set on the 4870. I've been wanting that card bad. As for the RAM idea, I like it. Saves me some money and it's fast. Never tried Mushkin before, are they better than Patriot or Corsair?

    My monitor is up to 1600x1200. I am gonna get a better one in the future, for now, I'm content. I'm running this on XP Pro SP3 also. I am not going to Vista, I'm just gonna wait for the new OS
  3. It's a reliable brand.

    If you're dead set on the 4870, maybe would be a better choice.

    1. It has free shipping.
    2. It has a $30 rebate.
    It's $60 dollars cheaper than the 1GB version and the slight gains in FPS by the 1GB over the 512mb version does not justify that $60.
  4. Just trying to help you get the best bang for your buck. is where you can compare the 1GB to the 512mb.

    Don't look at the % increase. Look at the FPS increase itself. I mean 10% of 30FPS is only 3 FPS.
  5. Awesome, this is really saving me a lot of money. I'll be able to get Brothers in Arms sooner than I expected then.

    Ok, now, the mobo, I've heard there are issues with the new drivers on it and I've heard some POST horror stories about it. Any advice you can give me on that?
  6. Honestly, just get the newest drivers from their website and don't bother with the CD-ROM.

    If there's any POST problems, chances are whoever got the board was just unlucky and got a DOA'ed one.

    If you're that unlucky, well, that's what warranty's for.
  7. I usually do that with new builds. I download the drivers ahead of time for my products so they're handy on a jump drive or external.

    Now, here is a stupid question (I'm good with computers, I just am behind, I still have an Athlon 64 for crying out loud, heh), but I might as well ask it. Do you need SP2 installed before SP3 or can you instantly go from 1 to 3?
  8. There's standalone download versions of SP3, so you can just go straight to 3 regardless of your Windows version.
  9. In addition, the CPU you chose is really capable of overclocking. Get a good fan/heatsink for it and you'll be glad you pitched in the extra dollars for it. is where I usually look.
  10. Those are nice looking chip fans. Well, for now, I'm more than likely gonna be satisfied with the stock 2.83GHz. I'll try overclocking later. For now, I just wanna get my PC up and running nicely before I twiddle or void warranties, heh. I really appreciate your assistance and I'll let you know how it goes.
  11. You can check here for overclocking 101: . I've found it to be pretty helpful myself.

    Stock is fine, but I usually don't like to change hardware once I put everything in. I'd just get an aftermarket fan/heatsink right off the bat.

    You've saved a couple bucks from the other components and this is where I think you really should spend.
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