Dell PoweEdge Perc 5/i and esata

Have a quick question for you all on possible problems I may run into.

Have a PowerEdge 840 with Perc 5/i card 4 sata drives connected to it. Recently purchased an external esata drive for backups. I purchased a sata to esata adaptor. It runs from a sata port on the motherboard to a open bay where it's converted to an esata connect and then out to the exteranl drive. If I connect that and reboot will the server hang looking to boot from the new sata connection that I made on the motherboard, or will it know to still boot off the perc card?

Thanks for the help..
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  1. You have to remember the PERC 5/i and all other server-grade RAID cards isn't just your average controller. It's got a NVRAM that stores drive configuration. What that means is every time you plug in a new drive that's not part of an existing array, you need to setup it up. And when you remove it the controller will remember it as a failed/missing drive.
    Basically in short, you can't treat it as a hot plugging eSATA.

    If the motherboard itself has SATA ports, you can use those instead as eSATA.
    For backup, most do it over Ethernet to a NAS.
  2. Sry for the delay.. Thanks first off for the help. I'm looking to use a sata port directly on the motherboard. I tried this yesterday and device manager isn't finding anything. I hoping it just a case the the bios have the sata ports disabled. When I have a chance I'll boot into the bios and check the configurations. My major concern with this. Once I enable the sata port on the motherboard and connect the esata drive, will the server look to boot from from the motherboard's sata ports and hang when it doesn't see an o.s., or will it recognize the drive as a slave and boot from the Perc?

    Thanks again.
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    In BIOS, check to make sure SATA mode is set to 'AHCI'. That's all you need to do to make the onboard SATA controller hot pluggable.
  4. Thanks for the help.. I'll try this over the weekend..
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