Draytek vigor 2930vn, need help with load balancing

i now have two connections running into my router but when i try and utilise both in the likes of torrents i dont see any increased speed i have tried the load balancing policys according to line speed and auto weight but none seem to give me higher than the 20meg line

although it does appear that both modems are being used in the online status page

anyone any pointers for me in setting this up correctly ?

im having such a nightmare trying to find someone with the same router who has experience but even the draytek forums are unhelpfull
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  1. anyone ?
  2. Drayteks do load-balancing not aggregation. Your overall torrent speed will not increase on a single torrent.

    However you could run two torrents, and achieve top speed for isp #1 on the first and top speed for isp #2 on the second providing you were connected to enough good seeds on both torrents.
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