Computer freezes with 2 sticks of ram.

I have just bought a new motherboard which seems to be incompatable with my ram.

The motherboard is a Gigabyte P35-DQ6.

The ram is Crucial Ballistix (2x 1gb) @ 1066mhz.

The computer runs fine with 1 stick of ram in. I have run mem test overnight for 8 hours on one stick and no freezing, and 30 minutes of the other and no freeinzg.

When the 2 sticks are in, and I start memtest, the computer freezes instantly. The default timings for the ram are 5-5-5-15. The motherboard sets them at 5-7-7-24 for some reason, but on both timings memtest freezes (the computer freezes).

I have tried single channel, tried underclocking them to 800mhz with 4-4-4-12 timings, but both results in the computer freezing.

Is it the ram that is causing the problem? How can I be sure of this? And, is there any way to get this ram working on this motherboard?


P.S While playing the crysis sandbox, I realised that it crashed after using more than 1250mb of ram, I dont know if this is useful information or not...
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  1. What voltage are you using for the RAM? Is the JEDEC timing table for 800Mhz 4-4-4-12 at 1.8V?
  2. Hmm maybe I looked at the wrong table when settings the timings for 400mhz.

    I think the ram voltage is set at auto, because I cant see any ram voltage settings, only a ram voltage overclock settings (+ 0.0something V).

    What does the table actually mean? Should I have set the timings @ 800mhz to 4-4-4-18?
  3. You should check if they work at the JEDEC #2 timings and voltage. 5-5-5-18 requires 1.8V, but 4-4-4-12 requires 2.2V, which is quite high.
  4. I set the freq to 800mhz (well I think I did, I changed the "system memory multiplier" until the freq showed 800 instead of 1066mhz). I put the timings to 5-5-5-18, but I dont know where to set the voltage. The main voltage control is on auto I think, but even when its on manual theres no setting to change the ram voltage.

    It didnt boot. It restarted twice (booted for 3 seconds, restarted, booted for 3 seconds, restarted with 1066mhz and 5-7-7-24 timings).
  5. I have found out that the voltage setting for the ram is the setting where you add 0.05V intervals to the default voltage.....but how do I find out this default voltage? (as in I could be adding it to 1.5V or 1.8V, I dont know).

    (just figured out how to quick edit, sorry for double post).
  6. The default voltage for DDR2 memory is 1.8V. Your motherboard allows up to 3.35V, which would definitely fry the modules.

    What did you select for High Speed DRAM DLL Settings? Option 1 or Option 2? Does it help when switching to the other one?
  7. I dont have the High Speed DRAM DLL settings, because I think its the bios version 1.1, so I cant test that =/.

    (I tested each ram sticks separately today, each for at least 6 hours, and they are working fine)
  8. Do they work when both are inserted at 800 Mhz and 1.8V at 5-5-5-18? If not, then you could get modules that are known to work well with that motherboard. As you can see in CPU-Z, the max bandwidth of your modules is 400 Mhz (800 Mhz DDR2) at 5-5-5-18.
  9. No I dont think so. I tried putting the freq to 800mhz with those timings, but I had to leave all the voltage settings on Auto. If I put it on manual I have to set all the other voltages too (or leave them on normal...if thats right). If I leave the voltage settings at auto, will it be at 1.8V?

    The max bandwidth of the ram should be 533mhz, I think its just that they are overclocked 400mhz models which is why they show that.
  10. CPU-Z clearly shows that you have PC2-6400 memory. It should overclock to PC2-8500, but you have to increase the voltage to 2.2V. On the other hand, is that memory certified for your motherboard?
  11. Its been running at 1066mhz (thats the same as PC2-8500 right?) the whole time, I cant get it to boot at 800mhz. Im pretty sure the voltages are being set automatically.

    The memory is not on the 'supported list' although the 800mhz modules are (the crucial ballistix PC2-6400, mine say PC2-8500 on the box and ram itself). The PC2-6400 and 8500 modules cant be that much different can they? It must be possible to get this ram working. If not ill take it to the shop tomorrow, see if they can, and then maybe buy some more ram.
  12. Since your motherboard obviously supports EPP profiles, the RAM should work at the advertised speed for 2 modules (don't expect 4 modules to work if they are not on the QVL). If 2 modules don't work, then the RAM is not compatible.
  13. Ok.

    I suppose ram is really cheap now anyway.

    Thank you for your help :)
  14. If you plan on buying new memory, I recommend the G.Skill PI Black 800 Mhz I like those because 4-4-4-12 timings require only 1.8-1.9V.
  15. I've seen where On some computers if the Memory isn't supported or if it is bad
    u will get BSOD even if the ram shows up good on memtest
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