Correct temps for a brisbane 5200+ ?

Hey guys.

I recently managed to get c'n c working properly, and the fan controll on my mobo as well.
My question is, are the temps being reported correctly?

The BIOS temps always seem 10'c higher than speedfan's, but when I am running with everything at full, the temp stills hits 50' in SF.
Does this mean I'm breaking 60' on the chip?

Thanks in advance :sol:
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  1. if your BIOS says it's 60, it's 60.....well, at least I would be more apt to believe your BIOS then Speedfan. You could use another diagnostic utility like Sandra or something and see what temps that shows just for comparison.
  2. Ok, thanks :D
  3. 78c is the max temp for Brisbanes. I would say keep it under 66/68c.
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