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Ive been looking for a new headset for a while and come up on the 2 i like. Plantronics Gamecom 777 and Steelseries 5hv2. They were under $100 (before tax) and i like the look better than the sennheiser headsets. If you have any input on both or any other good headsets under $100 (before tax) that would be cool.
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  1. I have a steelseries 5hv2 ... did quite a lot of research and plumped for this one - well built, good sound quality, excellent mic and a reasonable price. The retractable mic is a very nice feature.
  2. cool. what games do you play with it? and did you get the usb one or do you have a sound card or are you doing an onboard sound card?
  3. Not got the USB one, use with an audigy 2. Play L4D, COD4 plus others .. use Ventrilo mostly though works fine in steam. Bro uses his with WOW, he has had his for a couple of years and been bashed about a fair bit ... still working fine.
  4. ok. well today my headset again stopped working. so its time for a new one. and does anyone have any reviews on the gamecom 777??
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