Strange problem with adjusting FSB

I am using a ECS BLACK SERIES A780GM-A motherboard and although its limited, overclocking is possible.

The problem is that when I set a FSB, CPU-Z indicates that the FSB is not changing on a 1:1 ratio.
For example: I set the FSB to 209 and CPU-Z says that the FSB is actually 208.9
Does anyone know why this happens.

Note: I'm new to overclocking so excuse my lack of know;edge :P
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  1. 208.9 is almost 209. the clock is off by 0.1. is that something worth worrying about?
  2. no but i want to know why

    and also its not just off by .1

    when the motherboard is set to 222, the actual FSB is 221.1
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