P8600 vs T9400?

I am wanting to order a laptop (Montevino platform) but cannot decide between the T9400 and P8600.

$$$ aside, I know the T9400 has twice the cache (6mb vs 3mb) but uses 10 more watts (35 to 25). It has a marginal increase in clock speed but that can almost be excluded.

Does one run that much hotter than the other resulting in louder CPU cooling?

Is there any real thing to consider when trying to choose between the two?

I will be using the laptop for some gaming and development compilations as well as general productivity and browsing/mail.

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  1. if you can afford the 9400 go for it
  2. There are P9x00 processors available that give you the best of both worlds.

    If battery life is important, get the P series processor.
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