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My second HDD has disapeared.

It was installed on a win7 machine as a storage directory, i started to have some boot issues (freezing on win7 splash), ran start-up repair but now I cant see the second disk (in both disk manager and BIOS).

Ive taken the disk out and tried it on a second computer and it too can not detect it. Tested all cables and sockets with a different drive and they are fine. Flashed the BIOS, checked all settings but its just not there on any machine I attach it to.

The HDD is not making any unusual noises, when powered off if I tilt it slightly I can hear the head/arm move, and when on the disk is spinning as normal. The drive is a MAXTOR DiamondMAx22 500gb sata and about 18 months old.

...and yes it contains data that I need for the start of next week. Unfortunatly all local PC (recovery) shops are closed on the weekend near here.

Wondering if im over looking something, or any diagnosis so I can try and fix myself?
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  1. I suggest you try a different cable with the disk at the very least, but from what you've said I think the only thing you can do is send it to a pro. Any updates on what's happened OP?
  2. The heads shouldn't move when the drive is powered off - they're supposed to be locked in a "park" position to prevent damage.

    Unfortunately, I think r-manic's right - there probably isn't much you can do on your own.
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