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Hi guys, I need help choosing graphic card. I have a slim case Dell computer (C521) with Nvidia integrated graphic card - 6150LE. It does not perform well in Vista. So i'm planning to upgrade it. But i do not know whether or not the Geforce 512MB 8500GT (low profile) can run well on my pc since my pc came with stock - a limit power supply (280 watts), and I heard that the Dell's PSU is underrated. Is it true? If so what is exactly the wattage is if it is not underrated? Can my pc run the card?

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  1. What is your cpu? at an average, with the 8500GT, core2, 2 hdd, 2 banks of ram with a quality PSU - load should be less than 300w. If its underratted, I'd say that PSU might just go around 180-220w.
  2. my processor only single core, AMD Athlon 3500+, 2.5GB RAM (2x512MB + 2x1GB RAM), DVD-RW drive, 160GB hard disk (with 2 partitions)... thats all... Oh ya, i have a PCIe x16 slot as well... but i dun have AGP slot. And my card only support low profile. Is it ok to run? Someone told me can run 8600GT but i'm not very sure.
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