Nobody doesn't get it right the first time? Really?

So the other site has tested the i3's overclocking abilities, and they ran into issues with mainly the CPU:
Unfortunately these sorts of issues aren't rare with any new motherboard/chipset release. Our ASUS H57 board had idle power issues, while our Gigabyte H57 board had overclocking issues. No one seems to get it right on the first try.

I know I'm just an armchair critic (more like office chair actually), but don't these manufacturers get sample chips to test out? And isn't it in Intel's interest to make sure that their production partners do get things right on the first try?

/probably uninformed rant
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  1. That would make things way too easy. :D
  2. Well definitely! :lol: but now there are at least two times within the past 12 months when sockets have had issues (last one was the P55 I think).
  3. LoneWolf_53 said:
    That would make things way too easy.

    Hey! If it were easy, anyone could do it.
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