Problem with Running my external harddisk on eSATA


I am having trouble with getting Windows 7 Ultimate to recognize my external harddisk on eSATA. It runs alright on USB though.

I am using it with a laptop, Asus N61Vg. My BIOS recognizes it, shows its in SATA port 5 (it has port 0,1,5; 0 is internal harddisk,1 is CD drive). All enabled. But it is not recognized inside Win 7 environment, neither Device Manager or Disk Management. I've updated the latest southbridge INF for ICH9M.

Edit: Strangely, it works sometimes, after I plug and unplug a few times (not always tho). But after I restart the windows, it kinda resets and need to be plug and unplug again.

Also the external HDD I uses is NESO 750GB (usinga Hitachi HDD)

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. may be it's problem with ur o.s repair it

    or else try 2 check ur hdd consistency on other pc

    also try by "run diagsnstic program "
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