Blue screen error, cant figure why?

Hi all.. Im new to the hombuilt system thing, So I'll describe my issue as best as possible...

When Im using most desktop programs it runs fine, I can use the web with no issues, play most low end games (madden 07, motocross madness 2, grand theft auto) just fine, but if I "tax the system at all such as using DVD authoring software (nero Vision) or play higher end games (BF2, Star wars battlefront) the system blue screens and gives me an error message, I've updated all of my system drivers, updated my Bios to the latest verson.... I'm pulling my hair out here Arggghhh..

Here is my system:
K9A Platinum mobo
AMD Athlon 64 x2 6000+
ATI Radeon HD4800 PCIe
Corsair Xm2s 6400 -1024 (x2)(same bank)
onboard Symantec HD sound
Seagate 250gb hd
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  1. Blue screen will usually give you a general reason for the crash. Can you tell us what yours said? Also next time it happens let the computer complete the memory dump and try submitting the problem to microsoft for a solution. Sometimes you get lucky and you actually get a helpful response.
  2. Run a check with memetest86+.
    Try a different power supply if you can.
  3. I've tried the Microsoft channel and it gives me just a generic driver failure message.... But I will try Memtest and a different power supply option and see what happens.....
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