Basic overclocking help please

i tried using turbo v, basically couldnt get more than an extra 100mhz out of any of the 4 cores, im familiar with bios but have no idea what to change or what to change it to, i have everything set to auto right now. heres my cup-id. let me know if theres anything else i need to post

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  1. Your CPU has an unlocked multiplier which if you go in BIOS and raise it in small increments you will OC it. This lets you have all settings at Auto except maybe for memory.

    At some point you will have to raise your CPU Vc to keep your CPU stable. I think you should stay below 65C under load.

    You should keep track of your CPU temps. I use Core Temp but HWmonitor is good too.

    Just a note; if you list your PC specs you may get more responses.

    Good luck and happy OC'n. :)
  2. so i can go in and mess with the multiplier, and leave everything else on auto and they will automatically adjust? does having settings on auto slow down my system, since they are always adjusting and changing? also, whats a good multiplier to start at? the lowest im seeing is 8. also, what should i change my memory settings to, as well as my cpu voltage core? im woefully uneducated when it comes to overclocking, and appreciate the swift response, but a little more detail about what exactly i need to fiddle with and what needs adjusting, as well as the values i need to change them to.

    heres my mobo, gfx and memory specs. im using a hex-c pro power 600w psu and running on windows 7 64bit build 7600.

    thanks in advance.
  3. I just noticed that you have a B2 CPU. They had what was known as a TLB bug that limited their OCing ability.

    AMD later came out with a B3 model that helped but still was not considered to be a great OCer.

    Your default multiplier is 11.5. Operating Vc 1.10-1.25. The maximum operating temp is 70C.

    Your memory timing are sometimes on a sticker attached to the ram sticks themselves and usually require removal to read. If not get the mfg # and go to their web site for the actual timings and operating voltages.

    Here is a link to your processor group.,1935.html

    Here is a link that describes overclocking newer AMD X4 CPUs but will be the same for what you have thou it probably will not OC very well. Sorry for not catching that earlier. :(,2267.html

    Good luck to you and happy OCing! :)
  4. i looked at the sticker on my memory, my timing is 5-5-5-12. the operating voltage is 1.9 , ddr2 800. long code pgs24g6400elk. not sure if thats a part number or what.

    so, i fiddled with bios, adjusting the multiplier and voltage in small amounts, and came to the realization that i cant overclock past around 2400 without my system crashing.
    i clocked it that extra 100 up from 2300 and played for a couple hours, worked fine. any attempts to go higher than that have failed. i tried different voltages with diff multipliers, and it seemed when i put in a voltage above 1.25 i would get bsod instead of lock up, so im assuming 1.25 is my max voltage?
    this confuses me because i googled my cpu and saw some claims of stable overclocking on them at much higher freq and voltages, so my question is am i doing something wrong?
    do i need to adjust something besides my cpu and multiplier? turbo v shows my mem voltage at 1.9, so i dunno what else to do with that. do i need a better psu? is 600w not enough?

    also, i downloaded the cpu-id temp monitor, and while i was adjusting and messing around with bios my chip never got above 40c.

    i hope some of the stuff ive written helps, i really dont know much so im just throwin out what i think is important. thanks alot for your help
  5. As you raise the Vc your temps under load go up. Use Prime 95 running small ftts. This progam will stress your CPU to 100%. Have Core Temp open and monitor the temps when running P95. If you are on air cooling keep your temps in the low 60s while under load.

    Adjust your multiplier up til you need to raise the Vc, not at the same time. Say you have your multi at 12 and it crashes with your Vc at 1.20 Vc(only an example). Then raise your Vc to the next level and see if your PC will run staying within the CPU Temps while running P95. If not then you have reached the limit for your CPU with its current cooling capacity.

    The BSOD is probably because your CPU is shutting down from too much heat. Just my guess.

    Here is a link for P95.

    Good luck and happy OCing. :)
  6. Looks like you are on the right path but here, but I'll reiterate what has already been said, unfortunately your CPU is not known for great overclocking ability. A small increase is probably all you can get. If you find that your CPU is just too slow for you these days, it may be time for an upgraded CPU.
  7. yeah, ive tried a few other things, im ready to give up. anything more than a 100mhz just seems to crash or lock my computer. kinda bummed, i bought this cpu less than a year ago, thinking "its a quad core, ill be fine" no wonder the piece of crap was 89 bucks. after doing some further research, ive come to find that amd is pretty far behind intel as far as cpu overclocking is concerned. oh. good thing i bought an amd mobo >.< now i have to contemplate on wether or not i want to spring another hundred bucks to get a phenom II and wether or not it will even be worth it =[ i play world of warcraft almost exclusively, and it only utilizes two cores i believe. ive seen dual cores that are more expensive than quad cores, so im assuming they are better for one reason or another, would it be in my best interest to get an upgraded dual core instead of a quad since the application im runnin exclusively runs only on two cores?
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