ATIKMDAG error!!

hello in relation to my other post i recently bought new 4870x2..originally i couldnt run any game or 3d app then i turned off CAT AI and now am able to play games but at the cost of the other GPU.. If i have AI on i get this ERROR
" ATIKMDAG" has stopped working

does anyone no how to fix this for vista ultimate sp1 32bit
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  1. Hello and welcome to the fourms mate :)
    Read this :

    Also make sure u have the latest Catalyst drivers and your DX is updated
  2. Have same problem. Should i uninstall the curren ati drivers before I install the fix?
  3. What fix?
  4. There is no fix.
  5. This is still the well known ATi HD version problem (nVidia has it too). It hasn't got anything to do with your card, it's just the drivers which cause problems with Vista, or Vista causing problems with the drivers.
    The thing is that Vista is saying ATi and nVidia are the ones who make faulty drivers.
    While ATi and nVidia are telling everyone that it's Vista which doesn't support their cards. And this has been going on for 1,5 year now.
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