Western Digital (Blue vs Green vs Black)

Hi friends,

Please help me to solve this. which is better? and Why?

WD three categories

Now what i found that Blue and Green is nearly same except that green consume low power, cool and Eco friendly. Both run at 7200rpm and max 64MB cache.

Where Black can achieve 10,000 rpm and max 64MB cache. Which makes it better from both (Blue and Green).

Is there anything more to see the difference between them?
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    The blacks spin at 7200rpm, not 10,000. It's the Velociraptors that spin at 10K rpm.

    The Greens run at 5400rpm. So you buy the greens for bulk storage or backups where speed isn't critical or where you want to minimize heat buildup (in an unventilated external enclosure, for example). If you want performance, buy the blacks. I don't really see a clear reason to buy the blues...
  2. Don't the Blues have less platters? The Blacks are fast but the 1TBs, for e.g. have three 333GB platters. Most 1TB drives will have two 500GB platters. If that matters to you, it might be a difference to you.

    Like sminlal said, the Greens are 5400rpm drives and more suitable as storage drives.
  3. To add to what has been said, greens are bad for raids, and blacks are good for raid. Blue are just the run of the mill consumer friendly 7200 rpm drives.
  4. Weren't there problems with using the blacks in raid due to them dropping out of the array when they powered down, causing the array to corrupt? I know they have the 'Raid Edition' drives (RE3), but they are about twice as expensive as the blacks.
  5. Hahaha, It means, it was a mistake that i bought WD green 640GB/64Mb cache. Black was a good choice. But after doing some research and put this question at forum. i fell, the best choice is VELOCIRAPTOR.
  6. I'm a big WD fan, but right now I would buy a Samsung F3 over a WD Black. It is a bit less expensive (at least here) and have a small performance edge on most benchmark.

    Tom's Hardware - Benchmark Streaming Read Operations]

    The Velociraptor are way less attractive now that SSD are available imo.
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