I think i need to oc? slow responses

this is my 1st questions here.
this is my dilemma i have a good built pc and it stutters and has little lag when i play far cry 2 and crysis. i dont understand as on youtube people have not as good systems as me (not being rude) and they seem to be able to max crysis with no probz?
my system is:
q9550 stock 2.8ghz
4gb ddr3 1333mhz
75gb raptor
vista 64bt
antec nine hundred
ati 4870x2

i want to oc my cpu but i need a good fan any suggestions under £30?

i have been told these few reasons from other sources:
ati is not made for crysis you have to have a nvidia?
the cpu is bottlenecking?

any suggestions? thank you
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  1. http://www.frostytech.com/

    From this site, you should be able to cross reference a cost effective cooling solution from what is available to you.

    As far as there being a "bottleneck" in your CPU, it is entirely possible that your stock speeds are holding back your graphics. The 4870x2 is a powerful card that can utilize a lot of CPU power. Effectively overclocking the CPU could yield some a significant performance gain. Do your research, there are lots of reference materials and active threads that should be of assistance to you, here on tom's or courtesy of google.

    Crysis is a great benchmark, in that it is far heavier of a resource hog than most any other title out there, but that also makes it a misleading benchmark, unless it is a title that you always play, heh. It does favor nvidia, but ATI cards (especially the 4870x2) can make a brute force run at the game and give good numbers. It is not as skewed as a game like Last Remnant, and I don't personally think ATI's performance in Crysis is crippled to the point of requiring Nvidia to play well.
  2. The likely-hood of there being a CPU bottleneck whilst playing Crysis is slim as your 4870x2 wont be producing a huge amount of FPS( Not saying its a bad card or anything, all im saying is Crysis is like a fat kid in a candy store, just wants it all and more)

    Regardless of a possible CPU bottleneck, increasing the speed of your CPU will net you more performance.

    Also have you got the latest drivers from ATi's website?
  3. thanks
    yeah i have the latest drivers always up to date with that so if i oc to about 3.4ghz with that be stable? adn do you think i can play without stuttering ? and any suggestions on fan models?
  4. 3.4Ghz should be fairly easy to reach, but make sure you do your research on overclocking, if you don't already know how. Whether or not the CPU overclock will stop the stuttering, i don;t know. You'll have to try it out and see.

    The enermax magma is a good fan.

  5. Before you start with all the good suggestions, cover the basics.
    Do you have a lot of junk running in the background? Background programs can be a real killer. Go to START, then RUN, Type msconfig in the box and hit enter. You can do a selective start up and disable any other programs that are loading at startup, see it that helps and if there is anything running that does not need to be.
    Defrag your drive, clean out your cookies and temp files, make sure you have all the latest drivers installed for everything, including your motherboard and chipset drivers.
  6. i understand what you are saying but the only thing on my hdd is crysis and farcry 2 as i just built this pc for gaming. and obviously vista update files nothing else. shall i run like a driver removing program and update the latest ati graphics driver?
  7. If you want the latest drivers just go to ATi's website and download them. But you said before "yeah i have the latest drivers always up to date "
  8. right i did the driver sweep and clearered all my ati stuff and have installed thier latest driver and in farcry there is no noticable difference and i cant try crysis yet as i have unistalled it and will reinstall it next week after my m8 oc my cpu
    any more suggestions on cpu coolers under £35 thanks
  9. Do you have wait for vertical refresh on that would cause the game to stutter some
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