External Enclosure Not Working (Eagle Tech ET-CSTSIU2-BK)

Hi everyone,

So I bought this external enclosure back in Nov 2008 and finally had something I needed to use it for (my original need for it turned out not to be necessary, but I kept it anyways). It's an Eagle Tech ET-CSTSIU2-BK.

I put a WD Caviar Blue 320GB (SATA) drive in it, hooked it up via USB (and the external power supply). No luck. Windows says "Installing Driver Software" and then it says it failed. It just won't connect!!! No matter what I try :(

I took the drive out, hooked directly to my MoBo and made sure it was formatted, but for fun I deleted the volume. Totally reformatted it. Put it back into the enclosure and tried again - same problem. Won't connect. The site / documentation says no driver software is necessary as Windows will detect it, but it doesn't.

Any suggestions? I submitted an RMA, but it's over a year old, so I don't know if they'll honor it once they receive it. The shipping alone (back & forth) if they make me pay since it's out of warranty will probably be close to what this thing cost - about $30 or so. So, now I'm considering not even sending it in.

BTW - I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, but also tried on a Windows XP Home 32-bit PC.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Any suggestions...? Anyone?

    The only thing I can think of is to try installing a formatted IDE drive into the enclosure to see if maybe the SATA connections are not making contact / broken.

    Anything else anyone might know?

  2. I had something similar that occurred with a USB 3.0 drive dock - that turned out to be simply a poor cable connection at the device end.
  3. sminlal said:
    I had something similar that occurred with a USB 3.0 drive dock - that turned out to be simply a poor cable connection at the device end.

    Hmm, I'll have to check that out. The connection is weird. Well, the data is the standard 1/4 inch or so on both end. But the Power, is the standard on the side going to the HD, but on the other end it's a four prong plug that plugs into a circuit board.

    When you say your device end was bad, are you referring to the "enclosure" end, rather than the Hard Drive? (just want to make sure you're not calling the HD the device). Maybe I'll try a new SATA data cable. Then, if that fails, I'll see if my brother can test the Power SATA on his various electronics testings tools (he's a mechanic and knows all that power stuff that I don't ;))

  4. The connection I had issues with was the "B" end of the USB cable that plugs into the hard drive dock. I haven't had any issues with the "A" end that plugs into the computer, nor with the actual SATA connector on the hard drives that plug into the mating connector inside the dock.
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