Is my Gpu dead?

The Gpu fan is working and its getting warm,but the is no signal on the monitor.Any idea why there is no signal?

ati 2600xt

powersupply artic 500w
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  1. before you say it is died
    check the card if it is inserted correctly in its slot
    and the cables
    and 6pin power cable

    i suspect is is the power supply 6pin wire
  2. Could be any one of a dozen things.
    Your full configuration?
    Is this an upgrade, or was it previously working?
    Pretty hard to trouble shoot in the dark.......
  3. Have you tried the connection on the other side of the video card? Most have 2, maybe a bad cable......You did not mention anything you tried so I offer the most obvious ones.

    Maybe your monitor crapped out on you. Ive went through a few myself.
  4. Clear the bios for 30 minutes.
  5. No i think there's something wrong with the Gpu because when i put the Vga on the ononboard graphics card the screen shows up.And i have both slots.
  6. Go in the bios. Change the video source from onboard to PEG.
  7. I just put on my old Ati x300se and thats working.
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