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Hey Guys,

I overclocked my Q6600. I'm running at 3.5GHz at 389MHz x 9. Memory is 5-5-5-16 2T @ 389MHz (778MHz DDR2).

Temps are in the photo. Using IntelBurnTest v2.4 I pop up to 65C using a Scythe Mugen Rev. B w/ 1900RPM 110CFM Scythe Slip Stream (Kaze-Jyuni) 120mm fan. The case is a Antec Three Hundred w/ Corsair VX 550W Power Supply. I've got a 140mm Antec (stock) in the top, a 1900RPM Scythe 110CFM on the back, two adj. Antec 3 120mm fans on the HDD's and one Scythe 1900RPM 110CFM on the side. Yeah, it's audible. ;)

What do you think? It's not lapped, and I'm thinking of doing that in regards to the varying temps, the sink is on right, and this issue existed with a different HS and compound (I'm using AS) on a different MB and case even.

Comments? Issues? Recommendations?

Link to the CPU-Z Validation
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  1. Yeah I think either reapplying your grease more evenly or lapping the CPU/Heatsink will help it keep those temps more even.

    My q6600 shows a 2 degree difference in the cores at max (idle 36 load 58) which is fine for me. I have mine at 3.2ghz.

    I "believe" anything under 65 is okay. Obviously you wont be hitting those temps during normal operations so 65 in testing is good enough. Just make sure when you are playing games or doing other CPU intensive tasks you are not pushing temps that high.
  2. Nobody else? I just lapped the processor... and it didn't help at all. lol

    1 hour with a sheet of glass and sandpaper till it looked like a new copper penny with a 0C decrease. lol

    I guess I could go get some new AS - but that's about it to decrease the temps.
  3. Hi, maybe you should decrease the voltage. I know don't know much about the q6600 but I sold a Q9550 E0 that did 4.2-4.3 @ 1.30 volts, and did 3.8ghz @ 1.25. I would recommend not to Lap your CPU anymore as it will begin to lose contact with the heat sink. Also by listening about your case layout it seems as you are not removing the heat out of your case fast enough, tidying up your case will also give you better air flow. if that does not help try water on the CPU, corsair h2o is a good kit to start with....Also temps vary from processor to processor. I had an experience like this once with an e5300. The chip ran around 67C @ 3.8ghz very abnormal for that CPU.

    Gl dude.
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    If it helps, i have my Q6600 @ 3.6 with 1.37v on air with xiggy s1283 and my temps vary as well, i think it's just the nature of the individual chip, some vary more than others much like some OC better than others, it's luck of the draw. Anyway, my temps do not go past 55*c, though i did have the voltage @ 1.44 in the begining and my temps still did not pass 61*c

    I have slowly been working down my voltage to see where it will remain stable, so far, 1.37 is good, next up is 1.32! wish me luck...

    the vary on my core temps are about 5*c idle and 7-9 *c load
  5. My temp variances are similar. Lapping did not fix the variance issue... I also got new thermal compound (new tube of AS5) and temps went down from 65C to 62C with those two changes. I have also re-enabled C1E and EIST and stability is fine based on my usability - I have upped other values and replaced the stock compounds on both NB and SB sinks with AS5 also.

    Another note when people are mentioning load temps... are you using a Linpack-eque tool or Orthos/P95? I'll bet most people who use tools don't use a variety of them. Prime95-64bit comes up stable, but running that for 5 hours still can't push the temps I can get with IntelBurnTest v2.4 using 64-bit Windows with 10 iterations at Standard (1024MB).

    I'm interested in what people are using for testing tools... because with Prime95, I don't get above 52C... so I don't feel P95 is really pushing the limits of what I call stable (Yes - I am using In-Place Large FFT's for the max heat option). A solid 10C above what P95 can push the system too would bring a lot of OC'd rigs to their knees quickly if they're at 65-70C on P95 I imagine.

    I'll have to run about 3-5 utils to see what I can push with each one, but currently I feel a idle of 23-27 and IntelBurnTest load of 62C is acceptable. P95 only reaches 52C, which is well within acceptance among many OC'ers.
  6. P95 small fft's loads the CPU cores to 100%. Large fft's and blend are used to test the memory for stability.
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