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Hello, i was wondering if i can clone my current HD onto a backup drive, set up raid 0 with 2 drives, and clone my current HD (on the backup) back onto the newly made raid 0? this is on win7 ult x32
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  1. Don't see why you can't. Just keep that original drive around in case something goes wrong.
  2. hypothetically it worked. realistically ive come upon a huge hurdle. after successfully setting up raid and properly loading drivers, windows can read the raid drive. plugged my backup drive through esata and booted fine. loaded up acronis true image to re-clone data/os back over and it says cannot find western digital device. all 3 drives involved are westerns. ARG will update when i get response from evga's raid support or western digital's hardware/software support.
  3. I'm having the very same issue that you are having. I too used the Acronis software from Western Digital and cloned my original drive. I installed my two WD Black drives on my ga-x58a-ud3r MB using the Marvell SATA ports but when I boot Windows 7 x64 it doesn't recognize my RAID and I can't send my OS to it or any software for that matter. I would greatly appreciate any advise for this issue.
  4. after days of trail and error ive found some insight. acronis CAN read drives but not brands if raided, and apparently for me not on esata either. if uw ant to get ur rig up and running u have to set your drives to raid (obviously u have alrdy) and as u r installing win7, have your raid drivers ready on a usb flash. if i remmeber correctly, during win7 setup after you click custom/fresh install it will give u the option to load drivers (bottom left corner) navigate to your flash (oh btw make sure they're unzipped otherwise it wont read the files) and install them. then go on with ur win7 installation. im not sure where u cloned your original to, but if u can find a way to plug that backup through ide/normal sata. acronis finally read my backup when i took it out on the enclosure and connected it through sata rather than esata. not too sure if you have to boot off the clone or if u can boot through raid to access acronis, try both. keep me updated and good luck
  5. oh and yeah i tried raid 0.. it sucks haha honestly not worth it unless you are doing some editing on huge files. boot time and benchmakrs were the same for me, worse if you add in the trouble i had to go through to set up raid. experience made me look at raid with totally different views now. i split my 2x 750s and just cloned everything (2x 750s and a 2.5" 640 with all the same image)

    quick note: things will load noticeably slower when booting after cloning blah blah. i guess drivers have to resituate themselves or something. my onboard LAN took like 2 mins to establish internet on the first normal boot again. it ought it died or something lol
  6. Stanwich, I really appreciate the time you spent to update me on your situation. After I posted here I found a forum of people who were arguing about whether it was really a good idea to have a RAID 0 just for someone who mainly uses their system for gaming purposes. Most people say that it IS NOT a good idea for many reasons but the biggest being that it can actually decrease the FPS. I began looking into that more and was really up in the air, but finally decided that I would like to still do the RAID 0 for my OS boot times. But now after reading what you said, I have decided to scratch the entire idea and take on a new adventure since I can't seem to stop tinkering with the insides of my new system that I just built(first build for me). I think I'm going to go ahead and purchase a second ATI 5870 GPU and setup a CrossFire and maybe even delve into setting up water-cooling lol. Thanks again for your very informative response to my post
  7. P.S. I'm not sure what to do with my new HD that I bought for the Raid, but I'm sure I will figure out something. Maybe you can answer this question for me... If I have 2 or more HD's on my system, can I run programs from any and all of them without installing Windows on each drive? Or will I need to install Windows on each drive that I want to run a program from?
  8. No, just install windows on your boot drive (C drive usually). If you have 5 other drives (or 1) each drive (or partition) gets a drive letter. I actually install most of my software on my E drive.
  9. Thanks again. Some guy tried to tell me that I had to install it on all drives that I wanted to run games from.
  10. roboh -- yeah im in your boat too. extra drives doing nothing but sitting there. you can either use acronis to keep a backup of your main drive now and then or, what i have seen people do, they just format it to ntfs and have it as a second harddrive in the system.. so like a C and an F or whatever. acronis can do that for you too jsut go to the add new disk section. and no u dotn need to isntall another windows on it haha. whats nice is you can have your boot on one drive and everything else on the other drive and be able to take that data and plug it into another system, like a faster external but internal drive haha. just make sure you know which drive u saved the file(s) onto lol. oh and at this point dont bother spending money on the raptors either, its faster but honestly SSD will be the way to go for gaming. i wish i can go sli but man those gtx 260's are pricey right now for some reason, AND out of stock! i have looked into water cooling as well. tigerdirect has a nice corsair cpu watercooler for $80. i recently finished my build too and im jsut looknig for things to add to it lol. nice thing about the corsair cooler is theres no maintenance so jsut set it up and good to go; nice for baby steps into watercooling. a main concern that gets overlooked often is the case size though so keep that in mind.

    ps -- 7200 rpm gets 5.9 score from windows7, 10k rpm raptor gets about 6.2, and ssd gets minimum 7.0 in case anyone wanted to know
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