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Hello,i'm gettin ntdetect failed when i start the computer plz solve the problem
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  1. Boot to your Windows XP disk and select R to access the recovery console.
    "to repair a windows XP....press R"

    Enter the administrator password (blank by default).
    Type these commands in:
    COPY X:\i386\NTLDR C\:
    where X is the drive letter for your CD drive.
    Remove the CD and type exit.
    Reboot your machine and see if that has fixed the problem.
  2. hi... I'm having the same issue with my son's computer.. except when I try to copy the files over to the C drive it tells me the file could not be copied.. when I view the contents of the boot disk I do see the files ... help !
    thanks Paul
  3. I would double check everything as you type it. Make sure X is the drive letter and you don't leave it as X.
  4. ok.. new day... fresh start... tried again, same issue... so I did a chkdsk on c: and after it was done I tried again, this time it worked ?? : o
  5. great!
  6. awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!glad it's fixed!
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