Raid 0 or SSD for fraps?

Hey guys,

Mostly as a discussion/curiosity topic: which would be more optimal given my setup to increase FRAPS performance? The biggest limiting factor seems to be HDD write speed, but I am relatively unfamiliar with WRITE speeds of SSDs, as well as the write speed performance gain by running a raid 0 setup.

i7 920 @3.8
OCZ 6gb 7-7-7-18, ~1550
Caviar Black 640gb
GTX 295

My FRAPS performance has been decent overall, but it can be frustrating when framerates drop below 30 when recording intense games. Obviously a SSD's biggest limiting factor in this application would be storage space, but assuming it were unlimited, would adding another caviar black in raid 0 perform better than a "recording" SSD?

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    Paid versions of FRAPS do compress on-the-fly. Without that, alot of data has to be written to your HDD. SSDs are not that suitable for sequential write; its hardly any higher than a HDD. A RAID0 of two to four HDDs would be best for this purpose.

    You might also try a RAMdisk, though i'm unsure how long your movies can be - not very long i guess. :)
  2. I have used RAID 0 with FRAPS, did a pretty good job, I think. I recorded a World of Warcraft vid @ 60 fps.

    Here are my stats just so you know my PC:
    2.83 Core2Quad
    4 gig ram
    2x Seagate 250 gigers in a RAID0 setup.
    Geforce 8800GT.
  3. If you can afford a big enough SSd you may want to get one for your OS and programs, then record fraps to your existing 640GB HDD
  4. I would think that it would make more sense to get a second hard drive instead of going RAID0.

    Having a dedicated single drive for recording probably will work better than a RAID0 system which can be interrupted by game or Windows demands.

    It's a good idea to have a second drive for storage and making a Windows Image (Acronis True Image).

    Get a WD 1TB Green or Black and get back to us.

    I've crunched the numbers and even a WD Green should be more than adequate for your needs.
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