Upgrading 7950gx2 help

Hey guys ill start off with my system

7950gx2 1gb
Conroe core 2 duo e6600
4gbs ram
Fatality 650i fp-in9 mobo
22inch monitor at 1680x1050

Would it be worth it upgrade to a 8800gt? i just want to be able to play farcry2 and fallout3 on hi and currently my card is struggling to play everything on medium.

I dont want to waste my money cause im planning to do a whole system over hall in the 2009 q3 game release and i just want something to hold me till i get there cause i wasnt expecting my card to handle farcry and fallout so poorly. Also my mobo is kinda old and i know 8800gt are compatable but i dont know if anything else is...

Also if anyone can tell me why i can only find an 8800gt for 160$-190$ but all 9800gt cards i can get for as low as 100$?
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  1. The 8800GT 256 is just a notch above the 7950GX2, and not worth it. To see a difference, look for a jump of several levels. That means something like the 8800GT-512/9800GT/8800GTS-512 at least. Any of these cards should be able to run in your system. If your psu has two pci-e connectors, you could look at the 4850 or 8800/9800GTX cards.

    Sometimes the price of older cards do not drop too much because there is still some demand by those who want to do a SLI upgrade, and need identical cards.

    As an interim, look on e-bay. Your card will fetch $80-90, and a 8800GTS-512 may only be $110.
  2. Remember that on shader intensive titles the GF 7 series tank horribly, reason why the X1900 series have held up better over the years. Anyway, if you're looking for a quick fix, then maybe you should try the HD 4830 or 8800GT/9800GT/GT 140/Whatchamacallit
  3. Thanks a lot that chart was great! and i didnt even realize i could sell my old card or that anyone would want it. i have a bfg 650watt psu sry for leavin that out.

    I was looking at the 4850 or maybe a 9800 gtx but im concerned about my motherboard.

    The latest gfx card that was on the compatability test was the 8800gt and gts so i dont want to have to upgrade my motherboard if the card doesnt work.

    I get confused about the 8800 series when i see on the charts that the GTS performs better but then i search threw the forums and i see people "upgrading" to a 8800gt from a 8800GTS
  4. The HD 4850 would be the better choice. And don't worry, as long as you have a PCI-E slot in your motherboard you should be fine, since PCI-E 2.0 is fully backwards compatible with good ol' PCI-E x16.
  5. is my motherboard going to bottle neck that card tho since it probably inst pci-e 2.0?
  6. No, this card is still not close to filling the PCI-E x16 bandwidth yet.
  7. The 9800GT is the exact same card as the 8800GT, just with a different label to sound newer. Needless to say nVidia isn't selling 8800GT cards anymore, so what's out there is just what's left over. Anyway if you get two 9800GTs and run them in SLI you should find your situation much improved, or just get a 9800GTX and then add another one latter. It's kind of late to go about adding another 7950GX2, but I guess you can do that instead if you want.
  8. You have to look carefully at the specs. The 8800 comes in a lot of configurations. The 8800GTS-320 and 8800GT-256 are comparable, and just a bit better than the 7950GX2, and not worth the upgrade.

    The 8800GTS-640 and 9600GT are a level better, and the 8800GT-512 9800GT, and 8800GTS-512 are a notch higher yet.

    The numbers are indicating the amount of video ram on the card. The more, the better. Even the fastest cards will run nicely in an older pci-e slot. They do not even tax the transfer capability of the old slot, let alone the new 2.0 slot. The very fastest cards may show a 1-3% performance hit when pushed hard by a strong CPU. That's not enough to worry about.

    With a 650 watt good quality PSU, you should be able to run the strongest single vga card out there. Your E6600 will probably not be able to supply frames to cards of the GTX280 or 4870X2 class for many games unless you overclock to 3.0 or so. Those cards are also pricey.

    Your best upgrade is probably to one of the GTX260/9800GX2/4870 cards.
  9. alrighty well i didnt want to spend more the 150 but ill see whats the best bang for the buck more or less.

    I just find this a little crazy.. there the same card but why is the 9800 less?

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