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hi, pretty new to this,please help.i have a 8600gt and it freezes midgame.i have checked drivers,and of pc :amd athlon 5200;2gb freezes with all games even if settings are low.when i took pc to shop were i bought it murphy' law came into it and it didnt freeze.any help will be appreciated.thank you
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  1. welcome to the forums dude. as for your problem, i see two possibilities. either your power supply isn't supplying enough power for your video card, or your computer may be full of viruses and the like. first, do a spyware and virus scan and see if it picks anything up. if still no luck, consider reformatting and reinstalling windows. or if you prefer not to do that, buy a better power supply and see if that helps. it definitely won't hurt to get a new one.
  2. happend again,though this time got message"windows display driver has stopped working normally-nv4_disp"
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