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I'm building a new PC right now and I bought a 1TB SATA HDD. I have a 160GB drive that I think is IDE - can I use both at the same time on my new build?
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  1. No..your computer will explode and burn your home..

    seriously, if you don't see a big sticker written "don't use both IDE and SATA at the same time" on your mobo then you can..
  2. You can use them both at the same time as long as your motherboard has both IDE and SATA ports on it.
  3. pat said:
    No..your computer will explode and burn your home..

    Damn, I better take that IDE drive out of my MCE system and just leave the 2 sata ones. I would hate to have it blow up while I am at work.
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    Yes you can. The only issue you'll have is telling the bios which to boot from. Plug them in, then go to the bios and select which one you want as the boot drive. The last time I had an IDE drive I plugged it in and the bios assumed I wanted to use it as my boot drive. I told it to continue to use my SATA drive and all was well.
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  6. OK I just wanted to make sure - thanks!
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