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Hello, my control pannel files were accidentally deleted. Now my mini laptop cannot delete, open and install any file. please help
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  1. What files exactly were deleted, from what directory? You don't have an easy road ahead of you and may need some local PC help.

    If only the files were deleted, you may have a chance of copying them over again. Make a Linux boot USB drive (since a mini won't have a CD/DVD drive), copy the missing files from another computer to it. Then boot off the USB drive, and browse to where the missing files are and copy them back from the USB stick.

    If you have no idea what files were deleted, you will at least need to do a Repair setup of Windows, or a full restore to factory settings. You'd need to get a USB drive or an external CD drive to repair Windows though.

    If you do a full restore you will lose any files/settings you have on the laptop now.

    Something I suggest is before messing around with re-installing Windows you buy a new hard drive for the laptop, and keep the existing one with your files as a backup. That way you can copy them back to the new Windows setup and not risk losing anything.
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