Whats my Bottleneck

My Computer is not running how i think it should be and it has been freezing to the point where i have to manually restart.

Phenom Quad core 9600
4gig DDR2 RAM
600W Power Supply
ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe Motherboard
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  1. mmm...well when does the computer freeze? during a game? or just normal use?
  2. During a Game
  3. well it could be that something is overheating...either ur cpu, or ur gpu...
  4. Its not the GPU because i put the fan on 100% and it was runing pretty cool

    The Performance of my computer is still not what i would expect
  5. well it could be the cpu then...do u know if ur cpu is running cool when playing a game?
  6. No idea
  7. Well my PC also used to get freezed up durinf gaming withing 15-20 secs.Sometimes I even lost the display , otherwise doing anything else was fine.Turns out it was my GPU which was faulty.Try using ur GPU in a frnd PC .
  8. My money is on the 9600 being the bottleneck, AMD RoX!
  9. there is no bottleneck here...something just isnt working properly...
  10. Not sure bud, dont have enough info, can always use the chip to stabalize the coffee table in the living room with one leg shorter, keep it from wobbling
  11. isnt the 9600 a video card? Not for graphics rendering but hd video right?
  12. Is that a quality PSU or a cheapo? Could be the signs of a PSU closing in on death.
  13. I agree with Calinkula, It sounds like it may be your power supply. I say this because when you are opening up a game or doing something that is intensive on your graphics card, it puts more load onto your psu to power the gpu. If this is the case, I'd change your psu right away to avaid potental damage to your mobo/graphics card. I learned the hard way about this btw, just this past week. Good luck!
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