Erased Partition on external hard drive by mistake! Help!

I've had the same problem .
i have a seagate 320gb ext. hdd
when i connect it to my computer it says it needs to format which i cant because it contains valuable data which i cannot afford losing.
i read posts saying that the program active partition recovery can recover lost data and i bought it and i am not able to uderstand how to use the program to recover my files.
can anyone please tell me step by step how to recover my files?
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  1. Your recovery software should work. This is what it is made for. It does not matter whether Windows can see it or not, the software program should see the disk. It should see both disks and just select the external drive and do the recovery. Be aware this can take a long time. Most of these programs have different settings such as quick scan or slow scan. The slow scan will do a more thorough search and can take a long time. Many hours.

    Again, this should be straightforward. Just select the disk and go.
  2. Quote:
    The file system may become corrupted and RAW that cannot be recognized by Windows operating system. When you access the drive, you will get an error message "The disk in drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?". In this situation, the file system is shown as "RAW" when we check the disk property. If we click "No", the drive cannot be accessed. On contrary, if we click "Yes", we will lose all of the files stored on this drive.

    Active partition recovery is a partition recovery software, it can recover deleted or lost partition, restore MBR, partition table and boot sectors. Try "fix boot sector", if not, contact its technical support.

    Usually, in your case, partition recovery software cannot solve it, you can only recover data from raw drive by data recovery software.

    Thanks for the reply. Can you suggest any data recovery program ?
    if you can,can you please tell me how to use it?
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