Will the brisbane work? Help!

So I'm very new to building and working on computers. I recently have decided to upgrade my processor. I have a crappy eMachine which I have gutted and rebuilt except for the processor. From what I was told, my motherboard supported the AMD Athlon XP X2 5600+ Dual-Core 2.8 GHz Windsor core. I ordered the processor but was sent the AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ Processor 2.9 GHz. Will this make much of a difference? It is the same socket size and everything. However, I don't know if the fact that it is a Brisbane core and not a Windsor will make it not work. Any advice?
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  1. Either will work fine. Brisbane core actually runs a bit cooler than a Windsor. Disadvantage is the Windsor has 1mb per core , while the Brisbane has 512k per core.

    Thats all trivial, you won't really see any difference doing daily stuff, even in gaming, difference is so small you'll need benchmarks to see the difference
  2. You might need a BIOS update in order for your mobo to detect the newer brisbane core.
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