Toshiba satellite l650 drivers for windows xp

xp drivers for satellite l650 model # psk2cu-0t2026
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  1. Those models were not made to be used with XP, you can install it and hope for the best with XP detecting the hardware, but it's probably not a good idea.

    If you know what motherboard, network card, video card, etc.. is used in the system, you can try to find the XP drivers for each component from the manufacturer of same, but that does not usually get you good results in a laptop.
  2. I have a L650-PSK2cu that was a real hassle to get the drivers installed properly, but that was because I installed INTEL HD video drivers BEFORE the AUDIO and it made the installation of AUDIO drivers impossible. I had todo afresh install a second time. Once I did the 2ND fresh install and installed the COnexant Audio Drivers BEFORE the INTEL HD Video drivers it worked great. Live and learn. This machine with XP PRO runs 10 times better than Win 7 64 BIT. XP WON'T die for a while. I just hope people are archiving drivers before they become unavailable.
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