Which one of these HDD is faster?

I currently have two hdds
One WD Black 1TB 32mb cache (Primary with my os) 831gb FREE of 931
One WD Blue 500 Gb 16mb cache (Secondary for storage) 309gb FREE of 465gb

Testings: before i ran the hd tune i defrag my 1tb and i never defrag my 500gb.
1) Is my Blue hard drive faster than my black?
2) Should I take the work to switch my drives around 500gb - OS apps, 1tb storage?

Going to use WD free software to clone my 1tb over to my 500gb one..

Does cache matter?
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  1. What are you trying to do?

    Swapping from one drive to another almost pointless. Both drives are good. Its good you are trying to use data to make a decision, but this is all over the map.

    If you are going to test both drives then do the exact same thing to each of them - otherwise it means nothing.

    Cache helps, but then it depends what you are doing whether it will truly help.

    My advice, defrag both, use them as they are today, go have fun. If you want more performance (that was my original question), add more ram, increase cpu speed, turn off process you dont need, etc..
  2. Based on your screenshots, the 1TB drive has a faster access time and the 500GB drive has a faster transfer rate.

    Use the 1TB drive for tasks that require a lot of random I/O (such as the OS drive).

    Use the 500GB drive for tasks that require fast transfers of large files (video or photo editing, for example).
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