Doesn't the stand-alone installer of SP3 for XP include WGA?

hey everyone how's life.
i read this post on yahoo answers that the stand alone version of the SP3 installer for windows XP doesn't include WGA and can be installed on pirated versions of XP SP2 without any problems. Is this true? Thanks
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    No, it's not correct. And, as part of the forum rules, we don't assist or encourage piracy.
  2. hey aford10, thanks for your reply. I wasn't intending to install it on a pirated copy myself, and i wasn't seeking information on how to install SP3 on a pirated XP, i was just curious if this thing i read was true, sorry if i wasn't clear on that. :)
  3. No problems. I was just throwing out that disclaimer.
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  5. Thanks for the vote :)
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