Asus a8v-vm se overclocking?

Hi im having trouble finding out how to make this board overclock (a8v-vm se) as it states in the manual it can be done yet in the actual bios the option is greyed out,,iv really wanted to make the cpu go faster (opteron144 skt939) as its ment to bo a good single core cpu.
i have tried software like crystalcpuid and scrandman and have no luck ??,,,.any help with this??
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  1. I managed to read something about this board since I have an old PC which is looking for one atm but this one doesn't seem like the right choice at all - most of the reviews I read about it from users say that the disadvantages are far outweighting the advantages. Also I didn't manage to read much about the overclocking but I saw that some guys mentioned that it is bad for overclocking, although I didn't see anyone mentioning anything about not being able to overclock. Maybe you should look around in the bios. Best luck.
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