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I have a 9800 GTX, Pentium(R) D CPU 2.8 GHz, 2 gigs of ram. And no cooling, is overclocking a bad idea?
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  1. What exactly do you want to overclock. Give more info like mainboard etc.
  2. overclocking the 9800gtx is a great idea. Turn the fan up to 80% and go for it. Overclocking the cpu is a good idea also granted your motherboard will let you do so and you have a good cooling solution.

    What are your mainboard specs and what type of heatsink do you have on your cpu?
  3. I don't have this is why i'm asking. Will it overheat? I mean it's got a pretty beefy fan
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    I don't have this is why i'm asking. Will it overheat? I mean it's got a pretty beefy fan

    Well get either EVGA Precision Tool or Rivatuner, and turn the fan speed up. You could also get nTune (By Nvidia) but I dislike nTune. Turning fan speed up makes alot more noise, but does cool good even with a stock cooler. (In my case that is, though)
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    Oh, do you have one of those passively cooled GPUs? If so, then yes overclocking it would be a bad idea. As for the Pentium D, you really need an aftermarket cooling solution to overclock those. They run damn hot.
  6. +1 On Megaman's reply, but this thread is confusing as he said it's got a pretty beefy fan. Could you tell what model and brand you have specifically ?
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  8. ?? he has a graphics card just sitting there with no heatsink?!
  9. I think he's saying it only has the stock cooler on the card. I usually run my fan at 80% and it's cooled my enitre system down by 5 degrees. Stock my card runs at 60c and with the fan on 80% it runs at 40 idle. When gaming, the card gets up to 60c.

    The thing i've been wondering for a while now is, if the card runs at 60c idle, and it's designed to run hot. Is it bad to run it cool? Why doesn't the manufacture set the fan higher to keep the card as cool as possible? It goes against everything I've know about computers. Why wouldn't they run the card as cool as possible? Stock CPU fans cool CPU's as best they can.

    Maybe its the noise issue? I don't know...
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