Dark knight vs tower 120 extreme

I have a gigabyte 790gx mobo and was wondering which of the 2 fit the mobo better and which one people would recommend thanks
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  1. The Dark Knight will do the job and is smaller than the 120 Extreme.

    It's stands just a bit taller but that should not be an issue given that drive bays are a standard width that all cases must accomodate.
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    Generally speaking the motherboard is not a problem. Instead the width of the pc case might be the real issue. A case needs to be at least 7.8 inches wide to accomodate a tall tower style heatsink.
  3. Well the motherboard might become a problem if the ram is too high or too close to the cpu. Look up the specs of both coolers and do some measuring.
  4. volks1470 - That only applies to memory modules with those extra tall heatspreaders that sort of look like a comb. They, not the motherboard, interfere with large tower style cpu heatsinks. It's usually the memory slot closest to the cpu socket. Those extra tall heatspreaders are an advertising gimmick. Tom's Hardware and other sites have clearly demonstrated they do not improve memory cooling. In fact, the best memory cooling occurs when there are no heatspreaders at all. The subject came up again in the comments section of today's brand new review of cpu heatsinks.
  5. I went with the dark knight, the reason I asked about the mobo was because some of the reviews on newegg stated they had probs with the am3 mobo's, so I figured I would ask here to get some people who use am3 mobo with the coolers.
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