Please help solve boot up problem!

I have a system with Foxconn Intel Motherboard D815EEA and Intel Celeron 733Mhz Processor, 128MB PC133 RAM. The system won't boot up (i.e. nothing displayed on monitor), no beeps, the LED on the motherboard lights up, no effect when I remove RAM, no effect when I remove CMOS battery or change CMOS jumper whatsoever. Last time when it booted up, it displayed error "CMOS battery low" & some error regarding CMOS checksum. I replaced the CMOS battery and then it never booted up again.
Is there a problem with BIOS or CPU or another component of motherboard or power supply? Please try to find out what may be the problem with it and how can I fix it?
Very much thanks in advance!
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  1. I would reinsert all power supply leads and cable leads to the motherboard, as well as reinstall the memory and video card. Something may have worked loose. If that doesn't work, remove the board from the case, and place on a phonebook. Use just the cpu/heatsink, memory, and video connection. If it posts, power down, and start connecting other devices one at a time until it won't post again.
  2. This is the problem of motherboard. so u will take your system and chek once mother. actually i had same problem and i also did like this only. now my system is working properly and well.
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